What is a blog?

A blog, short for weblog and means a private web page that is published either by an individual or a group of people. Many blogs are used as personal journals, or diaries, and can cover a variety of topics, although these days a blog can be used for almost anything. Most blogs will allow the reader to post comments and suggestions, allowing the blogger to interact with their readers.
Educational Blogging is blogging by students, teachers, administrators, industry experts, and other involved entities that focus primarily on the educational process and educational interests.
  • Free Online Blogging Services

    • Blogger Google's blogging service. Free hosting or publish to your own FTP server. Simple WYSIWYG interface. Must access the blogger.com website to post to blog. Multiple blogs and multiple authors supported.
    • LiveJournal
    • BlogLines Primarily a web-based blog reader, but also has a blogging component.
    • EduBlog offers free blogging service to educators, and also includes free wikispaces.
    • BlogMeister is a free blogging tool for schools created by David Warlick. It allows the teacher to approve all posts/comments before they can appear on the web. Information on how to set up a blog on Class Blogmeister
    • Userland Manila Web-based application tool to create and manage websites, weblogs, wikis and collaboration portals.

Important Points About Blogging-
It is important you understand and teach student "how" to use a blog. Here are some sites that you should read before starting!
10 Habits of Bloggers that Win
5 Tips to Write Blog Posts
Useful Blogging Tools for Teachers
Great tips on writing, managing & editing blogs
Every day a student scribes the notes and posts online. Projects are also posted. Worth a look at examples and posts!!

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