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Teaching Mathematics Vocabulary in Context by Miki Murray.
This book offers a range of strategies that highlight the important role language plays in the learning of math. Grounded in research and developed from more than 40 years of teaching, reflecting, and learning, Murray's proven strategies are immediately usable or adaptable by teachers.
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Strategic Reading in the Content Areas by Rachel Billmeyer.
Content-area teachers hold the keys for helping students understand how to think as they read. Teaching students how to read strategically in every subject and grade level helps them know how to think in order to successfully master the content. This practical guide examines current information about the role of metacognition (thinking about thinking); the interactive reading ingredients (context, reader, text features); and current research on vocabulary and concept development.
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Teaching Reading in Mathematics by R. Billmeyer & M. L. Barton
Current research on reading, classroom climate, and the role of text features in mathematics. Math-specific strategies that teachers can use in their classes right away and tips to help students become more proficient in reading and communicating in mathematics.