Day 2

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Q&A from AMTNYS with SED, Grades 9-12
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Grade Eight Acceleration for Diploma Credits - Clarification
Subdivision 100.4(d) of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education provides public school students in grade eight the opportunity to take high school courses in mathematics, English, social studies, languages other than English, art, music, career and technical education subjects or science courses.
  • This provision was put in place to provide opportunities for individual students rather an as a vehicle for accelerating entire cohorts of students into high school courses.
  • Superintendents or their designees shall determine whether an eighth grade student has demonstrated readiness to take high school courses. School districts are encouraged to develop and use a written set of criteria to determine each student's readiness for acceleration.
  • Grade eight students who are accelerated for diploma credit must have been provided instruction designed to facilitate their attainment of, by the end of grade seven, the State intermediate level performance indicators in each standard area in which they are accelerated.
  • Part 100 Regulations of the Commissioner of Education allow only grade eight students the opportunity to be accelerated into high school courses in the eighth grade and to receive credit for use in satisfying diploma requirements. This provision does not extend to grade seven students.
Grade eight acceleration for diploma credit may be found in subdivision 100.4(d) of the Part 100 Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. Section 100.4 may be accessed at (December 20, 2007 News and Notes)