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Commom Core Standards

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Instructional materials built upon a coherent mathematics curriculum to support the new Common Core State Standards. Working with educators in every step of the development process and using mathematical and pedagogical research, this mathematics program focuses on fewer topics at each grade level. The goal of the program is to provide a Narrower and Deeper™ course of study that leads students to mastery of each standard as they move from grade to grade. The 2011 Focal Points Edition is aligned to the NCTM Focal points, therefore it was already Common Core ready in many ways. The 2012 edition is aligned to the CCSS and does not include extraneous content.

Accelerated MS MATH!!
Look no further! Big Ideas Math has a pathway for accelerated learners. Big Ideas Math has an Accelerated Grade 7 book and an Algebra 1 book to their middle school math line. This product is now available and will be functional online in April but Big Ideas.

Holt McDougal Mathematics for grades 6, 7 and 8MS Math CC Flyer.pdf
offer comprehensive instruction, assessment and intervention tools for complete coverage of the Common Core State Standards. The best intervention system and video tutorials on the market!! Videos are now available on iTunes!!!
Math On the Spot bundles of video tutorials provide detailed help anytime, anywhere!

OnCore 6-12
is a complete companion program for transitioning to the Common Core State Standards for Grades K–12, with interactive, real-world applications that help students deepen their understanding of crucial math concepts, while addressing the Common Core Curriculum and the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Interactive White Board Lessons!

Math in Focus
Math in Focus Courses 1–3 for Grades 6–8 extend the current K–5 program, bringing the same focused and coherent approach to mathematics to your U.S. classrooms. Math in Focus Courses 1–3 are based off of Singapore’s premier math programs, and stay true to the Singapore Ministry of Education’s mathematics framework while also addressing the Common Core State Standards.

Holt McDougal Larson Pre-Algebra
provides clear, comprehensive coverage of the new Common Core State Standards, including the Standards of Mathematical Practice. The program gives student a strong preparation for Algebra 1, and may be used with advanced students enrolled in the Accelerated Pathway.

Home //works// as a place for parents to support children in their efforts to be successful.

Innovative Solutions- Check out these Apps

Number Stax- an arcade-like puzzle game app for students aged 12+. Number Stax is now available in the App StoreSM for $1.99
Math On the Spot The #1 classroom tutorial videos are now available for parents and students. Featuring the engaging math instruction of Dr. Edward Burger and Dr. Freddie Renfro

Leadership and Learning Center
a division of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, we ask ourselves daily, “What do students need, what do teachers need, and what do school leaders need?” In doing so, we have developed research-based solutions to respond to those needs.

The Center’s ground-breaking work in 90/90/90 Schools℠ across the country (90% poverty, 90% minority, and 90% of students meeting or exceeding standards) identified essential practices that create positive associations between educational performance and sustained educational excellence! Brouchure

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